You want to become a librarian? Really?

As I was surfing the net I came across a really good blog by Bobbi Newman (click here) who responds to an email she received through Facebook.

The message she received was :

“I follow you on twitter and really enjoy all the information that you share. I’m a 41 year wife, mother of one and student. I’m working on my undergraduate degree with plans to get an MLS degree when I’m finished.

If you have time, please send me some advice.

What I want to ask you is this: am I crazy to want to work in a library? Everyone I tell (not library people) are so discouraging and seem to think libraries are going to die out and become a thing of the past. I’ve heard that a love of books is the worst possible reason to want to work in a library, but in addition to loving books, I love technology and I love people.”

As an MLIS student these are questions I come across when I tell people that I’m a graduate student studying to become a librarian. Comments such as, “Librarians need a degree? I thought they just wore glasses and sit behind a desk” or “Is that what you really want to do?” Coming from a community that values the medicine, engineering and law fields, telling people that I want to become a librarian is quite hard.

Bobbi gives advice to a potential librarian. Check it out if at times you feel lost and confused as well and need some advice!


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